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Hi, I'm Jennifer Bowden and I'm a registered nutritionist, and I've been a nutrition columnist for the New Zealand Listener magazine for over 10 years...

I'm a busy mum with two young boys, so I know ALL about the need for quick and easy healthy eating solutions! It's really hard to find the time and energy for healthy eating when you're balancing work, family and everything else - but never fear, I have some great solutions for you!

When I’m not researching or writing I can be found…

  • building Lego castles, super-hero lairs, and Star Wars space-ships with my two boys.
  • taking a long walk anywhere there's a bunch of lovely trees or a good stretch of beach.
  • hunting through and Pinterest for interior design inspiration - my husband has finally realised the decoration of our home will never be finished... sigh.

I'd love to help you with your healthy eating goals - so join me in my FREE Facebook group: Healthy Eating In The Real World.


Here are 4 things most people don’t know about me…

  • I love classic cars - my dream car is a 1958 Plymouth Fury - I wanted to be a mechanic and I have my motorbike license.
  • Like many nutritionists, I started my career as an electronics technician working for HMNZ Dockyard maintaining the electronics equipment on Navy frigates... strange, but true.
  • My favourite television show is Fast 'n Loud on the Discovery Turbo channel - yeeha!
  • Lemon-anything makes me happy.... lemon meringue pie, Meyer lemon salad dressing, lemon yoghurt cake, lemon tea... oh, and Whittaker's Dark Ghana chocolate - did I mention I love it?!

Some of the boring technical details about me:

  • I’ve got a… Master of Science (Distinction) in Human Nutrition.
  • Bachelor of Science (First Class), Honours - in Human Nutrition.
  • And I was a finalist in the 2016 Canon-Media Awards for Health reporting - these are like the Academy Awards of the print media world in New Zealand, that's about as close as I'll ever get to the Academy Awards!